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If there’s one thing we love at Peppermint, it’s a challenge. So, when we were tasked with launching a brand new initiative to the North West regional business community, we set to work with all guns blazing!
Greater Manchester Skills Gateway was a unique collaboration between the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and the region’s Learning Provider Network. The twelve month project provided a free service for businesses to boost the amount of workplace training and up-skill the corporate community.

The first time EU funding had been used to create such a facility, our objectives were to:
1. Raise regional awareness of the skills gaps within identified sectors
2. Target local decision makers and promote the benefits of workplace training
3. Generate conversation between regional influencers surrounding employment and skills
4. Promote the initiative’s Skills Review service and access to a wealth of quality local training providers
5. Generate 10 referrals to Greater Manchester Skills Gateway’s training providers per month.

How did we get on?

• 63 pieces of coverage across target regional and trade media
• Regular commentary across key trade titles focusing on the national skills gap crisis
• Over 672,000 Twitter impressions
• Support from local dignitaries, including council leader and head of the Greater Manchester Skills and Employment Partnership Group, Sean Anstee
• 1,200 enquires from businesses to request training for their workforce.

Most significantly, training opportunities were identified and secured for 1,070 of the region’s businesses over 11 months – exceeding Peppermint Soda’s target of just 110 referrals 10 times over.


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