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What can a
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We develop brand personalities to appeal and connect with your target customers. We generate excitement and that all-important desire!

but most of all, the single most important thing



Creative ideas with method in their


We put ourselves in the minds of your target audience – we consider what they read, buy and do and think about how they live and what they aspire to. Next, we analyse your brand proposition from their perspective to see how your brand can fit into their lives. From there, we craft messages that make it easy for them to picture that too.

We select the most effective platforms that your customers access most frequently. Your campaign could be delivered through packaging, website design, online advertising or mail – or a consideration of all of these.

Have a look at some of our services below.

Generating engaging content is the key to a great marketing campaign

Starting a conversation is far more effective than making a statement. It’s easier to win hearts and minds when there’s more than one voice. It keeps the topic of you interesting.

A measure of success

The beauty of digital marketing is that it’s so measurable. By integrating your different channels on and offline we create a journey which drives your audience to your products or services through the measurable channels.

Here at Peppermint Soda, we’re driven by seeing results. It proves that the creative is working. We evaluate and, where appropriate, we make adjustments – so your marketing budget becomes an investment rather than a purchase.

  • Use us for specific projects to support your team or let us do everything for you – we could be your entire marketing team! Whatever your requirements and objectives are, we can agree the most effective way of working with you.

  • At Peppermint Soda, we believe in transparency. We don’t do hidden costs. We agree on a brief and present all the options, so that you can make an informed decision.

  • Our team covers the full range of creatives, designers, website developers, marketing and PR consultants, so we have lots of skills and experience to make your campaign a success.

Sound good?

Have a look around, check out our previous work and see if what we do fits with what you're looking for. We’ve got a wide variety of experience and, most importantly, we have an insatiable appetite for creative ideas.

Fancy a milkshake?

How about we meet up for a milkshake (well it’s a bit different from a coffee isn’t it?) and chat about you? We can talk about how we can make you even more successful – and your brand the most interesting person at the party.

Call Jean-Philippe or Jane now on 0161 941 4252

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