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Branding is more than just a logo – it’s your personality

How your brand communicates influences the way in which customers feel about your company. It’s not simply a case of stating what you offer and waiting for the rush. People are perceptive; they know what they like and what constitutes good value.

Understanding how your brand fits into your customers’ lifestyles helps you to make it a better fit and an easier choice for them. So, to stand out from a busy, noisy marketplace, we have to create a point of difference – a way to identify your brand and how it benefits your customers.

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We create brands that people want in their lives

At Peppermint Soda, we’re a big advocate of scoping sessions – a marketing audit tool that enables us to get under the skin of your brand and the audience that it benefits. We become your customer, so we can understand the decision process, the challenges, what they are looking for, the how and why your brand should be the first choice.

We create a presentation style, a look and a feel that can be applied across all of your marketing communications – from your website, advertising and social media, to your print, videos and experiential events. This ensures that you’re selling your business consistently at any time and any place.

What’s more, we measure it; we analyse how effective it is and we make adjustments until we are sure that you have BRAND APPEAL.

Every design angle is considered, because we know that each contact point you have with your audience is an opportunity.

Some of the branding services we can help you with are:

Scoping session (marketing audit)
Proposition and key messages delivery
Tone of voice
Brand styling
Audience profiling
Positioning, personality and differentiation
Brand guidelines
Brand launches
Brand identity
Brand development & creation
360-degree brand stewardship


Whether you are launching something new, or want to shake up your existing products or services, working with Peppermint Soda will help you reach your objectives.

Get started on your brand makeover now – call Andy or Jean-Philippe on 0161 941 4252.

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