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Email marketing campaigns that work

How many emails do you receive in a day? We’re willing to bet a fair few of those are deleted
or consigned to the spam folder with one quick click.

On the flip side, think about how many times you’ve opened an email from a brand or retailer and, thanks to its unmissable offer or interesting proposition, you’ve ended up making a purchase you weren’t previously considering. Done correctly, email marketing is a simple and effective way of bringing in new and returning customers and generating sales.

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Emails that beg to be opened

If you’ve ever had spam fatigue you’ll know how important first impressions can be. The subject line will need considering in minute detail to ensure it’s truly irresistible, but doesn’t look suspicious or sound too good to be true. Many spam filters also weed out salesy language, so subtlety is the name of the game.

Once the email is opened, imagination is your only limit. We pride ourselves on putting together a careful design with crisp, helpful copy that’s perfectly on-brand and offers the reader a unique opportunity. They’ll be tempted to click through to your website and find out more.

It’s all in the results

What’s the good in creating something without knowing if anyone saw it? In any ongoing campaign, we’ll check who has opened your email and who clicked through to your website. This lets us refine the design and wording of the email itself, or we could adjust what time and day we send it, to get maximum exposure for your campaign.


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