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Packaging design that stands out on the shelf

Ever been to a supermarket and found yourself overwhelmed with choice?
The pressure to make the right choice can sometimes be a daunting prospect.

And that’s what we consider when we start to create packaging that stands out.

We apply everything we know about injecting brand personality to packaging – whether that’s creating desire or making people smile. We thrive on creating a solution that makes customers want to pick your product up and put it in their trolley.

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Helping you select the best packaging option

We’ll help you understand the right option for your product – from gravure to thermal print, PET to recycled glass and doy packs to blister packs. It’s not just brilliant design and copy that makes packaging stand out – the container needs the right consideration too.

We’ve worked with many different manufacturers and printers – and we can apply all this experience to make your product shine.

The design process

Because of our award-winning background in PR and branding, you can rest assured that our artwork will always be on brand and on message. Our designers will work with you through briefs and brainstorming sessions to bring to life exactly what you’re about. From the precise shade of the background to the kerning of the font, every detail is weighed and perfected. And, thanks to our multi-talented creative team, we can help you get your new design seen across press advertising, email marketing and social networks.


Have a look at some of our design for packaging and let’s chat about how it can work hard for you. Call 0161 941 4252 and ask for Ben.

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