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Print isn’t dead – it’s more important than ever!

With an increasing amount of marketing going online, print is becoming a road less travelled. But with less traffic comes more space – space you can take advantage of.

At Peppermint Soda, we believe that holding something physical carries a huge intrinsic value. We celebrate the senses and appreciate that a good quality print can convey that extra level of physical engagement that cuts through the noise.

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A whole world of print design

As long as there’s a good reason for it, we love print work – from brochures and leaflets to direct mail, there’s a skill to producing printed materials that deliver the message.

We can create any printed marketing materials for you, including:

Direct mail

Direct mail with a difference

One of life’s pleasures is receiving something lovely in the post – and that’s where direct mail creates an opportunity to grab the attention of your audience. Our team of creatives is always thinking of new ways to capture the imagination and make an impression through thoughtful direct mail ideas.

It doesn’t have to be a paper direct mail: there are lots of different ways of presenting your brand. Have a look at some of the projects that we’ve delivered for our clients.

We can help you choose the right stock, print and special finishes to make your printed marketing stand out and stick around.


Have a look at some of our design for print and let’s chat about how it can work hard for you. Call 0161 941 4252 and ask for Ben.

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