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Over a billion people visit YouTube each month, between them watching 6 billion hours of footage. The smart money is on video, and no kidding.

It’s no wonder. Video is fun, easy for consumers to watch and understand and it can convey an awful lot about your brand in a short space of time. Alternatively, it can inform in great depth or stir the emotions by showing the human side to the subject matter.

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Creative ideas brought to life with technical wizardry

We’ve all seen plenty of shoddy homemade videos in our time. Grainy and dark, bad continuity, terrible acting – it’s almost laughable and it gives a terrible first impression of your brand. What you need is a video marketing agency with the creative and technical wizardry to produce a slick, professional web video. At Peppermint, we can take care of the script, the casting, the camera work, any post-production effects and enhancements and of course provide plenty of directorial genius.

From concept to delivery, our PR and Creative teams join forces to explore the best concept for portraying your USP and capture your essence. Every brand is different – whether it’s a live action hair transplant, a tongue-in-cheek consumer ad, a presenter delivering a piece to camera, an interview or a timelapse of an event, each project is as individual as you are.

Going viral

Of course, there’s more to video marketing than just creating the video itself. We can embed your video on your website and seed it to relevant sites to get it seen elsewhere. We can also push it, promote it and capitalise on the response through social media management. Before you know it, your brand will be spreading like wildfire.


To find out more about our web video production services and get the ball rolling on your on-screen stardom, call our team on 0161 941 4252.

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