A chance to ‘check’ out Burberry’s new collection

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Twitter is all of a flutter today with the latest announcement from Brit-brand Burberry. The fashion label is offering its Twitter followers a virtual backstage pass that means they’ll clap eyes on the collection before the A-listers in the front row.

Live-streaming of fashion shows has been popular for the past couple of years and 32 of the London shows this week will be streamed to a wider audience. Burberry has managed to go one better and this afternoon will see the world’s first ever ‘tweetwalk’. This means that you and I will have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of next season’s collection well before the ‘fash pack’, as we follow a series of backstage Twitpics today. Bravo Burberry!

There’s no denying that this is a very cool idea and will provide the brand with additional exposure − but will it make any difference to the company’s sales? According to a recent report about why we follow brands on social media, a massive 97 per cent of respondents said that an online experience has influenced whether or not they bought a product from a brand. I’m sure that Burberry will see an increase in sales − for one week after the show, items from the collection will be available on its website, despite not hitting the shops until much later.

Burberry is also set to capitalise on other platforms as it hands over the reins of its Instagram account to photographer, Mike Kus − the most-followed Instagram user in the UK. And, for those whose budgets don’t stretch to the latest Burberry trench coat, fear not − you can buy your own piece of London Fashion Week when the show’s soundtrack is made available to buy on iTunes.

This is surely fashion for the masses and has transformed an event that was once the domain of a limited number of industry insiders. It’s no secret that Burberry has had to work hard to overhaul its image, following criticism that a luxury brand is devalued as soon as it becomes accessible to the mass market. Yet, this somehow works, as the focus on social media keeps it fresh. Follow @Burberry to see more…