A different kind of Friday night…

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Do you ever wonder where you’d be if you’d made a slightly different decision somewhere along the line? Or perhaps if Lady Luck hadn’t been standing by you when you faced a particular situation? Things could’ve turned out quite differently, right?

Friday night saw me and fellow Peppermint, Rachel, head into town for our first shift doing the soup run at Manchester-based charity − The Mustard Tree. Never before has this ‘Sliding Doors’ effect seemed so relevant. Most people we met out on the streets had ended-up there following a sequence of events stemming from a single decision or bit of bad luck. Many were ex-forces, had been made redundant or were retired.

Now, I’m not going to get really deep and reflective on you, but hopefully just raise a tiny bit of awareness for a remarkable charity that’s helping to improve the lives of the homeless and marginalised in Manchester. It was all part of ‘Project Peppermint’ – a programme aimed at encouraging the Peppermints to dedicate time to deserving local causes throughout the year.

On Friday, the task at hand was to prepare the food for the soup run and then go out to a regular meeting point to serve a meal. Although the experience was quite intense, it was unbelievably inspiring to see the warmth that The Mustard Tree’s presence brought to what was otherwise a drizzly October evening.

There are tonnes of ways to get involved with the work that The Mustard Tree does, from donations of food and clothes to mentoring and general fundraising. The rest of the Peppermints are helping out in one way or another over the coming weeks − maybe you could too?