“And on the show today…”

“And on the show today…”

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As a child, I always wanted to be the guy on This Morning who reviewed all of the latest gadgets and chatted to Phil and Fern about his thoughts (that’s if they worked). But, sadly, as the years have rolled on, the phone never rang and that remote control boat has sailed.

However, we can always pretend…

“Hello and welcome to This Morning. On today’s show we have Chris, a digital designer from Peppermint Soda. He’s going to introduce us to all the new web trends to look out for in 2018. Good morning Chris.”

“Good morning Phil, Holly.”

“So Chris, over the past ten years the development of the internet hasn’t stopped. We’ve gone from white pages full of streams of text and jerky banners to full video websites that can tell you where you are, what you want and how to get it. We constantly think ‘surely there’s nothing else that can be done?’ but, Chris, is that the case? What can we expect in 2018?”

“Phil, you’re right, both technology and the internet are going through the largest sector surge in the world and it’s not even close to running out of ideas. From dialling on a wire-connected phone, we now video chat to our friends whilst walking up a mountain; instead of spending our Sunday traipsing around Tesco doing our big shop, we now order it from our beds whilst drinking a brew. When it comes to 2018, things will be changing dramatically. So, I’ll explain some of the things anyone with a website or thinking about having a website should know.

“I’m in a wide open space”

“Thankfully, for a while we’ve realised that filling your website with tons of text doesn’t help at all regarding getting your website noticed and, more importantly, for making a sales conversion. White space is key and even images are starting to be considered as old news. Carefully selected typefaces, and even more carefully selected copy to highlight your services, is key. What would you prefer Phil: to walk into a shop full of clutter, or a nice slick Apple-style shop where everything has its place and you feel like you’re living in the future?

“Future, Chris.”

“Right answer Phil.”


Meaningful Scroll Triggered Animations

“With such apps like Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram on the increase, we’re all fans of moving images and video. 2018 will still embrace this, only instead of using clunky full-screen video the focus will be on using triggered animations. Apple has cleverly used this technique to showcase the Mac Pro, enabling the purchaser to scroll and gain a much greater understanding of the product, and, quite simply, a much more exciting experience. Lego, on the other hand, has embraced triggered animation to bring its products to life.

“Can triggered animations prompt buffer face, Chris?”

“Not at all Phil; with 3G and 4G these kinds of sites are more than manageable. You just need to make sure they’re strategic, have minimalist designs and they’re used for the purpose of increased engagement and conversion.”

“Fascinating Chris.”

“Thanks Phil.”


“Let’s talk branding Chris. Anything new to expect in 2018?”

“In all honesty Phil, when it comes to branding there aren’t really any significant trends as branding needs to be tailored around the company’s ethos. There’d be absolutely no point in designing a logo based on a certain style of the moment, if the logo doesn’t then reflect the feeling of the company. There are numerous rules, however, that all branding should adhere to. Flat graphics are a strong trend due to the growth in mobile responsive websites, and it needs to be legible at all sizes so stripping out any unnecessary detail is really important. The main challenge with this trend is to create logos which don’t end up being so simple that they become bland and lose their vital impact.”

Mobile Applications

“One thing I would like to ask, Chris, is what are your thoughts on mobile apps. Do you think there’s still a call for them now websites are responsive?”

“Most certainly; Apps account for 89 per cent of mobile media time so they’re big business. We’re now entering a new phase of hybrid mobile applications called progressive mobile applications, which combine traditional app behaviours with web page behaviours. One thing which is going to be really prominent in 2018 is NLP, which stands for Natural Language Processing. Voice recognition is big business, as people have now started using devices, such as Siri and Alexa, to make searching much easier than having to type something into Google. They learn and then react to your personal preferences and style. For example, Facebook now has the ability to learn your interests and then can filter your feed accordingly.”

“We have a fashion slot on this morning Chris and it always fascinates me how the experts can predict colours for the year ahead. Is there anything like this when it comes to graphic or web design?”

“There most certainly is Phil. Earthy colours are going to be big this year, but I’d always stress that usually you should only use a maximum of three colours when designing a website, or branding. Here’s some of the popular colours for 2018. You might want to consider a rebrand yourself, Phil; that This Morning logo is looking in a bit of a bad way!”


“Thank you for coming in today Chris.”

“No problem Phil. If you feel your website’s looking a little tired, or not working the way you’d like it feel free to drop us a line on 0161 941 4252 or email us at [email protected].”