Apple iPad sells 300,000 on debut

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The Apple iPad has finally been released and sold over 300,000 units on Monday alone.  Availability outside the US is yet to be announced but the UK public is already clamouring for the latest must-have gadget from the Californian electronics giant. 

The iPad was received with mixed reviews: websites sprung up immediately, discussing the lack of USB support, multitasking and SD slots.  It was interesting to hear tech-savvy people criticise Apple for releasing a product that didn’t meet with their expectations after such a long and hyped build-up. 

Even so, PR activity to combat this appeared limited.  Founders Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs toured Apple stores in the US, lending their cult status to the campaign, and the product was featured on a number of American TV shows pre-launch.  It looks as though Apple was so confident of huge sales that it thought a big PR push wasn’t required. 

And Apple was probably right.  ‘iPad’ was a trending topic on Twitter long before it was announced.  If you Google the phrase, there are 51 million websites talking about it.   It’s already been blended by Blendtec and smashed up with a Baseball bat on YouTube.  Both videos have racked up over 2 million views.  Stats such as these show how the product has already become a phenomenon.

Yesterday’s Daily Mail reported that ‘hundreds’ of people are having issues with the iPad.  This is just a drop in the ocean compared to the number of those who bought the product. But, it’s remarkable to see how quickly people jump on the bandwagon to voice their criticism. I’ll be watching with interest to see how Apple tackles the negative coverage.