Ballsy Branding

Ballsy Branding

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There are times when an advert stops you in your tracks. It’s the season for showstopping adverts after all – John Lewis’ Buster the boxer, M&S’ Mrs Claus, the Sainsbury’s animated ad (well… maybe not so much).

But don’t worry, this isn’t a Christmas ad blog – I wouldn’t subject you to that!

No, I’m referring to an entirely different ad. Here it is:


Wow, yeah?!

Not what you expect to see on a Tuesday evening really. But why not?! The metrosexual movement continues to build momentum and the TV is plagued with female grooming products, so a bit of balance here is quite nice.

But, what I love about this is the whole branding exercise behind Below The Belt. There are loads of ways they could have ‘tackled’ this sensitive subject. Many would have shied away from the direct approach. However, with such a unique product it’s best to make an impact and get people talking about your brand. What better way to do this than to be a bit shocking. You don’t expect to see a product aimed at testicular freshness – sure it’s a problem, but not one that anyone has bothered to solve! You don’t expect such a product to be advertised on TV. You don’t expect the ad to be as direct as to use the word ‘balls’. You don’t expect the strapline to be ‘Your balls are safe in our hands’.

And what you don’t expect to see, you notice when you do see it. That’s what branding and advertising is about.

It all works brilliantly. It’s perfect for the target audience. It’s locker room without being offensive or crude. It’s clever and yet obvious.

The brand name hints to the type of product you’re dealing with. The arrow in the logo illustrates the brand name while also eluding to the international male symbol. Even the way the T is picked out in the logo makes it feel a bit phallic.


Below the Belt recognises that this is a unique product that hasn’t existed before, so it tells you what it does in no uncertain terms right there on the pack – ‘Fresh & dry balls’ in big bold letters. The user instructions are even on the front of the tube in unashamed glory – ‘After showering, apply this gel to your balls’. Again, it’s direct and in language blokes would actually use. Imagine the difference in brand effectiveness if this were in small print on the back of the pack and said ‘for a fresh, clean feeling all day, simply apply to your intimate area after showering’. It just doesn’t work anywhere near as well.

So, if you think branding is all a load of bollocks…in this case yes and no! OK an obvious line but hey, had to be done! It just goes to show that if you’ve got the balls and a real understanding of your target audience, you can create a brand as valuable as the family jewels!