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It’s always heart-warming when you see a small, independent business that you love hit the headlines. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw my favourite hot dog joint – The Splendid Sausage, on Manchester’s John Dalton Street – splashed across national print and online media.

The sausage specialist’s five minutes of fame was down its new seasonal treat, the Christmas dinner dog. Now, prepare yourself for this. The dish consists of: beef and horseradish sausage in a white roll, topped with pulled buttered turkey, sprouts, bacon, chestnuts, mini roast potatoes, honey roasted parsnips, carrots, two Yorkshire puddings, stuffing balls and a pig in a blanket – all drizzled with hearty, homemade gravy.

I can only imagine that this smells delicious…however, there’s also a whiff of a PR stunt here too. This got me thinking about how other brands have utilised the nation’s favourite dinner to create valuable column inches over the years.

UK videogame retailer, GAME, launched its Christmas Tinner – Christmas dinner in a can – last year and gained global coverage for the stunt. The tin can contained nine layers of processed festive food – including mince pies, turkey and potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, sprouts and Christmas pudding.

To GAME’s delight, the story went viral within hours of its seeding on Twitter. The Tinner has now been seen by over 200 million people, in over 400 pieces of coverage, including 11 national titles. It’s been tweeted about over 45,000 times and gained 100,000 plus Facebook shares of related news articles.

Student favourite snack brand, Pot Noodle, released its Christmas dinner-flavoured Pot Noeldle in 2010. The special edition pot allowed diners to get their festive fix in a hurry and gained a raft of coverage across the UK – from the Metro and Daily Mirror to The Guardian and The Daily Mail.

It just goes to show, whether you’re a large, household brand or a small independent, there’s definitely mileage in cooking up a feast with your festive PR stunts.