Goodbye Google, hello Bing

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I’ve been an avid fan of Google and its products over the years.  I installed their web browser and toolbar and also set up Google Calendar and Docs on my wife’s new Netbook.  Even so, I’ve become increasingly frustrated with the company, to the point where I’ve decided to make the big switch over to Bing.

It wasn’t an easy decision, and I’m still getting used to it.  It’s tough breaking a habit formed over years of internet use.  However, I’ve become fed up with them for a number of reasons.

I haven’t been overly impressed by Google’s recent product releases.  Does anyone actually think Google Sidewiki is a good idea?  Giving people the chance to write anything about your site for all to see was always going to be open to abuse.   I also hated the little icon floating on the left hand side of my browser!

And don’t get me started on Google Buzz.  This product made public a list of people who you emailed most frequently from your Gmail account.  Google has openly admitted that this product didn’t go through their thorough testing procedure and apologised.  This will do little to appease those users who will have been caught out for one reason or another!

Google Wave was also a huge disappointment.  I highlighted a number of issues in a previous blog post and haven’t been back to wave at anyone since.

Finally, the big one, privacy. I don’t want to share my location with Google. I don’t want you to read my emails and display adverts you think I’ll like. I don’t want you to store all my searches and I certainly don’t want you to drive past my house and take a picture of my front room!

So, it’s time to say Goodbye to Google and hello to Bing.  From looking at recent usage stats, I don’t think I’m the only one either. In October last year, Bing held only 9.9% of the market share but this is rising.  I also read recently that Bing is in talks with Apple to become the default search provider for the iPhone.  Since Google developed the Nexus One mobile, it seems like a logical move for Apple to distance themselves from their latest rival.

I’d be interested to hear your experiences and thoughts on Google and whether you’ve made the switch over.  I’ll check back soon and let you know how I’m getting on.