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No one’s perfect – that’s a fact. So, when mistakes are made, it’s best to hold your hands up and approach the situation positively with a solution.


Good customer service can be like gold dust. It’s often the case that negative situations, when handled strategically and in a fast-acting manner, can be turned into valuable content for companies and brands.


In the digital and social media-influenced society that we live in, news travels fast. A simple complaint response letter – one that, once upon a time, would only have been viewed by the recipient – can be shared with a few clicks. This can then turn viral, reaching millions of current and potential customers.


A perfect example of this surfaced only a few days ago, when a Wolverhampton Wanderers fan purchased a new football shirt with the club’s prized emblem printed upside down. After a public putdown from the furious fan on Twitter, the club responded with a humorous and generous solution to the issue.


An upside down letter apologised for the mishap and suggested that the world can sometimes look better upside down – highlighting the team’s poor performance in last year’s league table. The fan was then offered a new shirt and tickets to the next match, where he’ll be able to gain access to the dressing room and meet the players to get his new shirt signed.


In a similar vein, car manufacturer MINI accidentally sent out a mass spam email to its extensive database. The company subsequently turned the computer hitch into a PR win, with a mailer containing a chocolate rose and a ‘squeezable tin’ of Spam. MINI stated: “Nothing says sorry like flowers and chocolate…and if you’re ever feeling annoyed again, you can de-stress with this squeezable can of Spam.”


These unexpected opportunities allow organisations to show real personality, while engaging with their loyal supporters on a one-to-one level. If handled correctly, the outcome is not only a happy customer…but increased brand awareness of a positive kind and solidification of consumer trust.