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We’re a social bunch here at Peppermint Soda. Yes, we love a team night out, but what I really mean is we’re pretty hot on social media. If you’re not on it, we can almost guarantee your competitors and customers are, so we make sure social is a regular feature in our communication strategies.
On the flip side, social media management can be extremely time-consuming and there are many elements to a great strategy, so being efficient with our tweeting and ‘gramming is also a priority. While building a following requires engagement in conversations and real-time interaction, there’s still a place for content planning – not only to save precious time, but to keep your social profile active, consistent and relevant.
There is a wealth of tools available that can help to plan and research themes and influencers, formulate content and make regular posting much, much easier. Here are a few of our tried and tested favourites:

Sprout Social
Sprout Social is a tool that combines analytics, publishing, aggregation and management. It allows you to create reports on engagement, impressions, shares and demographics and review results to tailor future messages. You can also add your social newsfeeds to your dashboard and post directly to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from there. It currently offers a 30-day free trial, with packages ranging from standard to advanced enterprise use.

Buffers allows you to connect up to 10 social media accounts and schedule up to 100 posts for each one. You can then add RSS feeds from your favourite sites or blogs and share them through the suggestion tab. It also offers a browser extension, which can help to schedule social media posts more effectively. You can use Buffer for free as an individual or upgrade to their ‘Awesome’ plan, which allows up to 10 accounts for a small fee.

With EveryPost, you can identify and follow influencers, schedule posts, and track analytics. The platform supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest and also enables you to curate content from Flickr and YouTube, and then share it to other social platform profiles. It offers packages for up to 120 accounts and unlimited content scheduling.

TweetDeck has been around for a while now, but it’s still a universal favourite. It’s an official Twitter-app that remains completely free to use and enables users to manage unlimited accounts via a customised social dashboard. You can manage and monitor Twitter profiles, search hashtags, track messages, and schedule and review analytics – without shelling out any cash.

Last but by no means least, we reserve a mention for Facebook itself. Business profiles on Facebook come with a host of tools built in to make posting more efficient. Publishing tools help you to create and schedule content, and insights will show reach and engagements, as well as allowing easy management of paid promotions. All you need to do is create a business page and it’s all at your digital disposal!

Do you need help to build your social media presence? Send a quick tweet to @peppertweets or drop us a note at [email protected].