Oh, how we love to tweet about the weather

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We Brits have always had something of a reputation across the world for incessantly discussing the weather.  The current online chatter around the heavy snowfall here is nothing short of an avalanche.

Working from home, after failing miserably to dig my car out of the snow, I logged on to my laptop and fired up Tweetdeck to find a stream of Tweets, Twitpics and Facebook updates on the extreme conditions.  At 2pm, ‘#uksnow’ was the third highest trending topic on Twitter.  Lovely to see that we’ve effectively adopted social media as a means of facilitating discussion on our perennial favourite topic of conversation!

 Many people found the time to Tweet about their ongoing battle with the elements. Twitter was also effectively employed by a number of businesses and organizations, including Manchester Airport, which sent out regular updates on the status of their services.  Another great example of how social media is becoming increasingly used as a tool to aid customer relations.

So how’ve you found today?  Did you find the time to Tweet, Twitpic or update your status whilst braving the snow?  Or use social media to source information on travel conditions before venturing out?  Let us know.