Ping – we still need some convincing

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Apple is a brand that needs no introduction. Within the space of a few years, its products have evolved into an everyday essential. We’ve seen iPods, iPhones, iTunes, Macbooks and Apple TV – where will this all end? 

Apple’s latest ‘innovation’ is social media newcomer, Ping. The site promises to be Facebook and Twitter meets iTunes. Essentially it’s a social network all about music and has been made available to 160 million users in 23 countries. An impressive 1 million users signed up within the first 48 hours. 

It’s a seemingly smart move by the consumer-savvy company. Social media is such a dominant force within the music industry. It puts the power of discovery into our own hands. Anyone can be an industry insider as fans can directly communicate with superstars and each other online.  In times gone by, we had to scour the record shops on weekends to find the latest bands, but now it’s all there at the click of a button. 

Today sees the launch of The Pic-Nic Village – another music-themed social networking site set to revolutionise the way we discover music. So it seems as though Apple is onto something quite special. However, Ping isn’t without its critics.

Claims are already surfacing that this is the perfect playground for spammers to take advantage of the iTunes members who have signed up, and our personal data could be at risk. Plus, you have to be signed up to iTunes to even give it a go. It promised to be all-singing and all-dancing but, having had a look, I have to say that I’m yet to be convinced.