Sweet! Video hits 100,000 views…

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With our pockets empty and our expanded waistlines adding to the January blues, it seems the nation stayed in this weekend and took to the internet to seek some light-hearted amusement.

The online community has clocked up over 100,000 views of our Sweet’N Low video – hitting the milestone at 7pm on Sunday evening.

Last week, the video made it into The Drum’s Viral Video Chart and YouTube’s list of popular videos. With Fiat’s comical video – ‘The Motherhood’ – topping the chart, it seems we all love a good laugh, thanks to our computer screens and the world wide web.

My personal favourite has to be DC Police and their rendition of Gangnam Policeman – a song that went viral, prompting a video to go viral. And all in the name of a good cause.

So, here’s the link to Sweet’N Low’s Funny Fat Men doing Zumba, just in case you want to spread some winter warmth this January.