The Paddlesworth Press – I was curious

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In the last couple of days I’ve seen The Paddlesworth Press pop up on my Twitter newsfeed a few times. I thought it sounded like something from Postman Pat and I wasn’t far from the truth.

It’s a spoof newspaper that’s nearly real and wants everybody to join in. Confused? So was I.

The paper, its Armageddon-style headlines and the journalists are fictitious but a lot of what the paper reports is entwined with reality – well sort of. The editors are on Twitter, local bands have a MySpace profile and the restaurants have reviews on Qype. As readers, we can interact and influence the story as it develops over the next ten weeks.

The founders have hinted at the fact that this may be more than just good fun. They point out that the internet is perceived to be tied to reality and that we place a great deal of trust in the online space and what’s written on the web. This project is set to highlight how that trust may be misguided, or not. I’m already gripped…