Understanding the importance of PPC

Understanding the importance of PPC

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Here at Peppermint HQ, it’s super important for us to keep up with the latest industry trends, news and learning, and that’s why we jump at the chance to go on training courses to better advance our knowledge and skills; in our eyes, you can never know too much!

Yesterday it was my turn. I attended a Google Adwords and PPC workshop with Business Growth, delivered by Michael O’Flynn, Sales and Marketing Director at Professional Academy. Covering everything from concepts and launching your PPC campaign, to managing and measuring the results, Michael sure knew his stuff and was extremely enthusiastic about Google Adwords and the digital marketing arena.

There was so much to take away from the full day, from setting DUMB goals (doable, understandable, manageable, beneficial), to the power of PPC and the best practices for ad copy – here’s just some of the points that are important to create an effective campaign.

• PPC ad copy should be ‘sexy’ and interesting so that it draws people in to click on your advert (whereas SEO content should be more informative; the ideal solution is to get the perfect balance between SEO and PPC)
• With Google being 98% mobile first, make sure your company’s website is optimised for mobile, otherwise you are more likely to fall down the rankings within the search results
• When researching keywords, ask yourself…’Is the keyword relevant to the website’s content? Will searchers find what they’re looking for on the site when they search using these keywords? Will they be happy with what they find?’ If your answer to all these is ‘yes’ then proceed
• To build brand awareness, it’s important to always factor in negative keywords so that you don’t show up in irrelevant searches.

As an integrated marketing agency, we believe it’s extremely important to go on regular training. Updates and changes are forever happening, and with so much competition in the fast changing marketing and digital industry, it’s essential for us to bring this knowledge back to the business and apply it confidently to our client’s campaigns, knowing what will work best for them.

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