Volcanoes, Pasta and Design

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Our head Peppermint Digital designer, Tamsin Sharp, has just returned from a gruelling charity walk in Italy.

Tamsin managed to trek up not one, but three volcanoes in just six days!  Challenging enough, Tamsin faced four days of solid rain and thunderstorms, not to mention the matter of Stromboli volcano erupting on her!  Luckily, Vesuvius and Etna were a lot better behaved.

A sunny day!

Safely back at Peppermint HQ, Tamsin said it was a challenge well worth tackling and that she was thrilled to raise over £2,000 for the Childrens’ Adventure Farm Trust in Cheshire.

However, having lived off pasta for an entire week, she doesn’t want to see another bowl of linguine for a while!