What will 5G mean for social media?

What will 5G mean for social media?

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5G is officially here, and it’s going to revolutionise the mobile experience! Well, that’s the message that has been pushed for the past few years, anyway. The much-hyped mobile network launched was launched by EE with a concert by Stormzy being live-streamed from a boat on the Thames, heralding a new era of faster downloads and increased connectivity.

Ironically, when the BBC tried to broadcast a segment about 5G using the network, it failed live on air, with poor picture quality that eventually cut out. However, other live news broadcasts were more successful – as 5G offers lower latency than the current 4G connection, there’s less of a delay between sending and receiving information, meaning there’s less of a lag between interviewees hearing questions in their earpieces and answering live.

As it’s only just launched, 5G is currently pretty pricey and only available in a handful of big cities. Connectivity is expected to be patchy for some time, but once the network is fully up and running, it promises to revolutionise the way that we consume videos. In fact, it’ll be so fast that users will be able to download a 4K feature-length film in a matter of seconds.

When it comes to social media, video content is king. Every day, 500 million people watch videos on Facebook, and around 80 per cent of all web traffic comes from video. However, when Facebook introduced auto-play videos back in 2013, users weren’t happy about the impact it would have on their data consumption and found the slow loading speeds frustrating. Page loading times are one of the key features that Google ranks for – especially on mobile – so if video is slowing your site down, it will take a hit on your page ranking.

As 5G becomes more prevalent, we can expect to see brands investing more not only in video content, but in immersive experiences such as virtual reality and augmented reality, which rely on heavy data processing to work correctly. 5G will also revolutionise live streaming of events, as it can provide high quality, real-time updates  – the stability of the connection will make sharing and watching 4K video easy.

Although it might be a little while before 5G becomes the standard, it promises to transform the way in which we consume video – brands should start thinking about how they can improve their social content to take advantage of the advancements in technology. If you’d like to find out how to step up your social media, get in touch with our team.