Why our baby’s birth was off Twitter limits

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I’m sure many of you Twitter users will know by now that my wife and I have just had a baby boy.  He’s doing really well and apart from the lack of sleep, we’re all very, very happy.  We love him very much.

I really enjoy using Twitter.  I like meeting new people, keeping up to date with the latest web technologies, and the banter with my mates who are on there.

While I’ve been on paternity leave, I have been thinking about why I stopped using Twitter the day before my son arrived and had a two week break from it.

Surely, Twitter would have been the ideal tool to keep everyone up-to-date on how we were doing.  I could have posted updates on every contraction and uploaded images to Twitpic of my exhausted wife and newborn son as soon as he popped out.  (I wish it was that easy!)

I know I sent so many text messages to close family and friends during those 48 hours that I thought my thumb was going to fall off!  I’m dreading my phone bill this month as I forgot to buy a multimedia bundle of picture messages and I think that I sent about fifty!

So then, why did I decide to stop Twittering until everyone was home, safe and settled in?  I guess that I didn’t want to share this special time in our lives with the rest of the world.  The idea of broadcasting this to a global audience of users seemed really wrong.  

However, I had a wisdom tooth out the other day and I was straight onto Twitter telling the world about the pain I was in.  I didn’t even dare ask for any sympathy from my wife by the way, knowing what she had just been through.  I didn’t get very much from my fellow Twitter users either!

So should you Twitter about everything in life?  Where do you draw the line?  I now know where I do!