Will Google gobble Twitter?

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When I’m not arranging my Friday night visits to the pub on Twitter, I find the micro-blogging service very useful for seeking opinions from my fellow IT professionals.  If I’m stumped when trying to find a digital solution, one of my Twitter friends is always on hand to help me out.

It’s also an essential tool for keeping up with industry news.  I no longer have to rely on my iGoogle feed to keep track of the latest Smashing Magazine tutorials.  If it’s an interesting read or big development, someone’s bound to share it on Twitter.

Our team use Twitter to monitor the online conversation around our clients’ brands.  We’re always on the lookout for people discussing their products and services and if required, we’ll respond on their behalf.  I recently gave a  negative review of a search application on Twitter and sure enough, the developer got in touch and asked me for more specific details.

So it came as no surprise when I heard the news today that Google is looking to acquire Twitter.  Google has recognised that Twitter’s real value is in its search facility.  It allows users to search real-time reaction from thousands of people to current events.  This is something that Google doesn’t offer at the moment and it can only add to its search ambitions.

I’m all for the idea of the Google acquisition.  Twitter is flaky at the best of times.  I’m fed up with seeing the smiling whale when trying to update a profile picture.  Google will provide a stable system for Twitter and will also have the skills to develop it further.  I just hope they don’t change the name to Toogle!