A collapsed composter and Louis’ first veggie order

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Jubilation! A clumsy builder has knocked over my composter en route to the garden, cracking it open and revealing…compost!  Well, not exactly the crumbly, soil-like substance I’d been hoping for,but, still, something vaguely compost-like. And not before time. We’ve been waiting expectantly for the composter to work its magic for a full two years.  With the darlek-like contraption spilling out its contents on the patio,  Louis and I were able to identify remnants of what the family was eating circa July 2006. We could clearly make out mango stones, lemon peels, dozens of still perfect egg shells – all riddled with vibrantly red worms digesting our leftovers.

We wasted no time in heaping the ‘compost’ – replete with wigglies – all over our veggie patches.  Louis, meanwhile, has earned his first £2 from the sale of produce to his aunt, who grudgingly paid up for a sparse bag of spinach, lettuce, parsley and three carrots which would struggle to earn the label bite-size.  Sadly, the hoped-for radishes and beetroots had resolutely failed to produce anything underground, despite extravagant foliage above ground.

Buoyed by our success, we’ve now ordered installed not one, but two new composters.  Louis is excitedly monitoring the monstrously big pumpkin plant, digging round the garlic when I’m not watching, and impatiently poking the potato plants.   Roll on August!