Oh lay for Pepper and Minty!

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Jubilant sighs of relief all round this week with the realisation that we have not, after all, invested in dud hens. Yes, Pepper and Minty have finally come up with the goods. We were promised eggs after three weeks of welcoming our hens into the proverbial fold.  Five and a half weeks passed and still there was no action.  Meanwhile, we were fielding daily and increasingly irritating calls from concerned family members: ‘any news??’ , ‘I’ve put money on the first one coming tomorrow’ and ‘surely it must be today?!’  It was all beginning to feel much like the last time I was pregnant.  At 10 days overdue, and clearly hormonal, I found myself apologising sheepishly to friends that I was still knocking about.

Actually we had a false alarm two weeks ago. I had to make a quick call to a client from home (always a terrible idea) and was interrupted by ear-splitting screams announcing that the chickens had laid two eggs.   I bolted out the door to find Louis with a huge smile on his face, cradling two of my forlorn little green tomatoes that had dropped off the vine and somehow been transplanted to outside the chicken coup.  He had warned me that the eggs were rather small and a bit odd-looking. But, honestly, tomatoes???

Anyway, amidst much pomp and ceremony, the first bona fide egg was boiled for 4 minutes and carefully shared between five of us.  We all declared it to be the best boiled egg we’d ever tasted.