Welcome to our hens, Pepper and Minty

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It’s our first week as the proud owners of two beautiful hens – Pepper, a feisty Miss Pepperpot breed, and Minty, an amiable Ginger Nut Ranger.   Having recovered from the first’s day’s trauma of having to clip their wings and then, as night fell, trying for over an hour to coax them into their new sleeping accommodation with the aid of a torch, we’ve now settled firmly into enjoying our feathered friends.

We’ll have to wait another few weeks for them to start laying the much anticipated eggs, but we can already report unexpected benefits.  Our two boys – who regularly fail to summon the strength to flush the loo after a visit – have surprised us by throwing themselves into collecting chicken poo at every opportunity for depositing in the composter.

Begging them to get out of bed in the morning is also a thing of the past.  They can now be spotted at 7.00am (even in the rain) diligently clearing poo, topping up bowls of food and water and offering the hens ‘treats’, such as remnants of last night’s stir fry.

Alas, the two-year-old – true to character – torments the hens by relentlessly whacking their home.   Peppa beats a hasty retreat to the safety of the coup whenever she spots her approaching. Minty, meanwhile, has fought back by pecking her defensively on the finger.  Definitely a hen with attitude.