Will The BBC Dig Itself Out Of Gardeners' World Hole?

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Thank goodness the BBC is ditching its misguided attempt to ‘funk up’ its long-standing institution, Gardeners’ World. The Beeb has pulled off the unenviable double-whammy of alienating its core Gardeners’ World audience whilst simultaneously failing to excite a younger demographic.

OK, so I can’t claim to be amongst the programme’s most long-standing viewers, who understandably feel incensed by the dumbing down of their beloved GW. But I do look back fondly on the days of serious horticultural advice from the silky-voiced Monty Don.

Recent introductions to spark up the format have bombed.  Innovations such as toe-curlingly contrived and deeply unentertaining banter between the presenters have prompted Gardeners’ World’s core fans to abandon the programme in their thousands.

So will the back to roots strategy succeed?  Well I for one am banking on it reinvigorating a much-loved feature of Friday night viewing.