Awards’ season is just around the corner…

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The award season is firmly upon us and Peppermint’s been shortlisted for a 2011 PRCA Health and Wellbeing Award today.  I’m personally extra thrilled about this shortlist as it’s for the client – The Farjo Medical Centre – that I pitched for, with my new team and boss Suzy, on my very first day at Peppermint a good few years ago. I’ve never looked back…

There is so much cynicism out there about awards. From ‘Business of the Year Awards’, ‘Best Beauty Product’ and ‘Property Personality’, right through to ‘PR Consultancy of the Year’, some folk think they’re  fixed and that only advertisers or major supporters are in with a shot of winning.  Well, the more we enter (whether for ourselves or for our clients), the more I realise that companies only win these gongs by genuinely doing something special.

PR is often accused of not generating tangible results. The PRCA and CIPR now make it clear that outdated measurements such as AVE are of little consequence.  PR agencies need to display a very real return on investment for any campaign or entry to even be considered. This is precisely how PR is going to continue to strive for excellence and deliver a return for clients that palpably increases sales and affects their bottom line positively. I for one am extremely proud that Peppermint has been nominated for all these achievements, as it reflects the fact that, for each and every client, return on investment is our number one objective.

At the risk of sounding a bit gushy, it’s great that so many PR consultancies are really pushing for these awards. It’s a great indication that there are many of us out there working to raise the bar when it comes to improving our own reputation as professional consultants.

Now, what am I going to wear…?