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organI try not to weigh-in on too many ethical arguments and I’m definitely not going to pretend I’m a big charity crusader. But, it was the launch of the new NHS organ donation advert last week which stirred something up inside me. I think everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but organ donation is an issue too close to my heart for me to stay out of it completely.

My dedication to this cause is a result of a very special lady. A close family friend was on the brink of death three years ago from progressive lung damage caused by Cystic Fibrosis. She was saved only by the generosity of strangers – a family who bravely rose above the emotional turmoil of bereavement and chose to make a difference to a girl in dire need of a healthy pair of lungs. The difference is indescribable. She has gone from being a wafer-thin, icy pale girl who’s been zapped of energy, to a rosy-pink, noisy woman who’s now able to get married, go back to work and move into a new house!

My thoughts on the whole subject are fairly simple – you die (fingers crossed reasonably old, quick and painless), and you’re put to rest. When you stop to look at it in black and white, there’s no more breathing or blood-pumping required. Even if you believe life continues on a more spiritual level, this is ultimately just the soul part of you, right? Not the flesh and tissue. Maybe this all sounds a bit brutal, but here are the scary facts: you are more likely to need a transplant in your life than to become a donor. But despite this, only 25 per cent of the population are on the Organ Donor register even though 90 per cent of us say we support it.

I’m not going to force the ‘rights or wrongs’ on anyone, but if you get a spare five minutes today just have a look at the amazing, brave and desperate families you could help, and have a think about signing up to the register.