Nursing mums finally allowed out in public

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Welcome news this week that Britain is finally emerging from the Victorian age where breastfeeding is concerned and – heavens above! – actually going to permit women to feed their babies in public places without fear of reprimand.

Having personally spent a total of 28 months over the past ten years furtively trying to find inoffensive spots to (discreetly) feed a hungry baby – and often having to opt for a foul-smelling loo cubicle – I sympathise with the poor woman who found herself on the wrong side of heavy-handed health and safety laws and was publically berated for breastfeeding in the reception of a doctor’s surgery of all places.

Shame that the new leglislation only stretches to babies up to the age of six months. That said, even I balked at the militant I encountered at a Cheshire pub one Sunday lunchtime. She’d clocked that I was deliberating about feeding my two-month-old daughter at the table for fear of upsetting some of the more traditional punters. Having marched over from the other side of the restaurant, she proceeded to announce that I shouldn’t worry because she’d just fed her daughter at the table.  I looked over to see a chirpy four-year-old tucking into a roast dinner.  One step too far, I think, even for a passionate breast-feeding supporter like me.