Obama and McCain – The Final US Election Showdown

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So, the American Presidential election is here and I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m following it with great interest (and excitement – I know that’s a bit sad).  Our office is firmly split.  We have some staunch Conservatives and they are firmly behind McCain – I, however, am not.  I think Obama is what the States needs – and just looking at the voting turnout, it shows what an amazing impact he’s having on America.

If anything, I think it’s clear that the US people are passionate about change, one way or the other.  And either way, with the first female VP and the first African American President in the running, I think that change is obviously happening.  I’m going to be very tired for work tomorrow, as I know I’m going to sit up to see what happens.  I’m convinced Obama will win, but the question is how quickly?

I may be eating my words tomorrow!

It would be very interesting to know if the UK had two such charismatic people running for office, how many Brits would be lining the streets to vote?  I always vote – but never have to fight to get to the polling booth – it’s more like dodge the tumble weeds!