Where did all the poppies go?

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PoppyIt’s just a couple of days before Remembrance day – but you’d hardly know it from the paltry number of poppies on show.

How sad, and how utterly apathetic.  It’s really not asking much to spare a few coins and wear a little flower for a couple of weeks to mark the unimaginable sacrifice of so many.

I was in London yesterday and was struck by how many people were wearing poppies compared to Manchester. Is this the same across all the regions, I wonder?

I feel some serious PR is in order to position the poppy as a “must-have” rather than a “can’t be axxxx” – to make people want to bother with this massively significant British tradition which seems to be dying a little more with each passing year.

In our bonkers, vacuous and celebrity-obsessed world, the unpalatable reality is that it might help to get through to the masses if a few more celebs on the street wore a poppy with genuine pride and respect – and talked publicly about what it means to them.  I know that newspapers stick a token poppy on their masthead, but it would be nice to see them represented a bit more on the editorial and picture front.

In the meantime, come on all you opinion leaders, media, professionals, business owners, councils, schools, retailers, kids and – in fact – everyone…pull your finger out and get a poppy on!

And, while I’m on the subject, can someone please devise a better way of keeping a poppy attached to a garment that doesn’t involve losing approximately two a day and dropping pins everywhere?