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It’s often said that the summer break is silly season in the press and very quiet for marketing peeps. That’s definitely not the case at Peppermint this year. Is anyone else feeling the same?

Not only have we seen a mad rush by some big companies to ask us to tender for their contracts, but the media seem to be hungry for all kinds of stories. And not just the silly ones!

So, I thought it might be a nice time at the end of the month to review what else has been going on at Peppermint HQ.

• We’ve said a temporary goodbye to two of our team members – off to have babies. Both Emma Williams and Cat Gregory are currently waiting for their new bundles of joy to arrive. I for one am very excited and can’t wait to meet the new mini Peppermints. It also makes me feel proud when, as an agency, Peppermint supports women in our industry who choose to have children. If anyone saw the Axonn gender in marketing report this week, it clearly shows that women feel having children has damaged their careers – is this just a fact of life, or because companies are not encouraging mothers back into progressing their careers? It’s very interesting reading, and I’d encourage all marketing ladies to read it – as well as all marketing men! Here at Peppermint, I can personally attest to the fact that we wholeheartedly support women who choose to do both.

• The CIPR PRride Award shortlist has been announced and we’re up for five awards this year, including Outstanding Agency of the Year. Who knows what will happen on the night but we’re proud of having pulled out all the stops since last summer to deliver exceptional returns for clients (what it’s ultimately all about) whilst boosting our team, increasing our retainer, developing our processes and, importantly, seeing the most profitable, sustainable growth of our history.

• Speaking of history, we hit a significant milestone this year. Yes, it’s 10 years of Peppermint Soda. More to come on this, but what an amazing 10 years. I’ve been party to eight of them, and quite honestly, they’ve been the best eight years of my career.

• Peppermint has also spent time volunteering at Coffee 4 Craig, an incredibly inspiring charity that works to help Manchester’s homeless. Our team, including several of our new faces, spent a day assisting the organisation in whatever needed doing. We spend a bit of time in the local community every year and make it as purposeful as possible. While some people are cynical about corporate volunteering, we believe that consistently offering support to organisations in your local community can only be for the good. Peppermint has been doing this for years and has no intention of stopping!

• We’ve been pitching like crazy too! There are so many interesting briefs and companies that we’ve been speaking to that we’ve seen an average of two pitches a week since the beginning of July! (Normally unheard of in the summer months.)

• That brings me to a few new faces around our office. More to follow on this soon; however, it’s really nice to have some fresh and massively enthusiastic new people on in the office. The year so far has been good to us – so let’s hope there will be more new faces joining us in the coming months.

• Lastly, with absolutely nothing to do with our summer, I couldn’t resist sharing an inspiring campaign launched this week – Burger King Peace One Day #McWhopper proposal with you – if you’ve not seen it already. Wow! What an incredible campaign driving a topic which you just wouldn’t have connected the brand with. Burger King extended a peace offering to create the McWhopper for a day to demonstrate that even corporate enemies can swallow long-standing positions and highlight the cause of world peace. Do have a look at this and follow what’s happening on Twitter. Shame on you McDonalds for not jumping on this opportunity and going with the plan! Will we see other competing organisations offering an olive branch to drive a CSR campaign such as Peace One Day? Will McDonalds change its mind? Watch this space…