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It’s no secret that the line between online and offline is becoming increasingly blurred. Cyberspace is no more. It’s just a part of the real world, and you’d better get used to it because it’s on a takeover mission! I can pay for my Starbucks using my phone and my train ticket is downloaded via an app. Are we moving with the times though, or just pandering to laziness? I’m not so sure.

‘Robot chic’ is being ushered straight to the pages of Vogue, with the impending release of gadgets such as Google Glass, iWatch and today’s latest offering – the NFC ring – all promising to make your life just that little bit easier. You may not have realised that unlocking your front door was quite so difficult a task, but rest assured, the NFC ring is here to save the day.

Whilst I won’t be queuing round the block for these digital accessories, I’m just as glued to my smart phone as the rest of us. Tweeting, pinning, posting, liking, snap-chatting and connecting are just a part of my regular day. I can contact all of my friends, do my food shopping and book a hair appointment at the touch of a button – there’s no need to even open my mouth. That’s why these days, conversation must be relished – it is king, after all. Living in the digital age as we do, switching off phones at the dinner table or even whilst on holiday is becoming a rarity. I must admit, there’s nothing I find more satisfying that leaving my iPhone firmly in my hotel room when abroad.

Well, if the Sol Wave Hotel in Mallorca is anything to go by, those days are now well and truly over – enter the world’s first Twitter-themed hotel. You’ll need to log on to reserve a table in the restaurant, check-in and out, order room service and even reserve sun loungers – all by using a variety of hashtags.

Here at Peppermint, opinion is split on the high-tech holiday destination. Our most prolific tweeters are practically packing their suitcases already, whilst others quite enjoy testing out their language skills with hotel staff! Like it or not, it’s impossible to escape the experiential side to technology – but will we be seeing you by the pool?