Peppermint goes picnicking

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Apparently no-one takes their lunch hour anymore; well, last week Peppermint paid tribute to the ‘lunch hour’ with a good old fashioned picnic. Peppermint ventured out of the office and straight into the great outdoors of Dunham Massey to sample the gorgeous (and most probably short-lived) weather. The Peppermint PicnicThe Peppermint PicnicIt was fantastic to get out of the office on such a glorious day, laze by the lake and put everyone’s culinary skills to the test (I brought Pimms, lemonade and itty bitty pieces of cucumber, strawberry and mint – the sum total of my culinary talents).

Cheesecake (homemade by the Jean-Philippe’s own fair hand) was eaten and side-splitting stories were exchanged – all extremely wholesome (for the most part) and brilliant fun. So refreshing was Peppermint’s first picnic that it’s been made into an annual institution. The weather in this country is so unpredictable that if there’s a time to revisit the forgotten lunch hour, it’s definitely when the sun’s shining – your emails will still be there when you get back!