Peppermint Play Time

Peppermint Play Time

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Finding time to get the whole team out of the office is never an easy task but it’s well worth the diary coordination-induced headache! This week, we took a day off from busy schedules for a Peppermint bonding day, which was even more important considering all the changes we’ve seen over the past 12 months!

We started off with a business update and presentation from the senior management team, discussing the key to our recent growth and identifying what we need to do to continue to transform and evolve into the number one integrated agency in the North West, which raised a handful of really important talking points for the team to address. So, we spilt into groups for a breakout session to get our brains working and thoughts flying.

It’s vital as a team and business to review how we’re performing in the current climate, look into new ways of working and continually enhance our service offering to our current and potential clients. By reviewing and assessing ourselves and our services as a team, we can make sure business is moving in the right direction.


Our team day was an opportunity for us to connect and interact in meaningful ways. Every member of the team had their say and by brainstorming outside of the office environment we increased collaboration, encouraged communication and engaged the full team together.

After all the seriousness, it was time to head over to All Star Lanes for a few games. We broke out into three teams, and so the games commenced. One thing is for certain, there was a lot of competitive flair in the air, but I think everyone can agree that Rachel, our office manager, was the dark horse… bit of sneaky practising going on beforehand possibly!



But after two games for each team, and with some much-needed food to fuel our bodies in between games, we had a well-deserved winner of the grand prize, Andy, who’s now the proud owner of a much coveted voucher for cosmetic teeth whitening! We all can’t wait to see you with your new pearly whites!

All in all, we had a great bonding day and have some very exciting plans to look forward to over the coming years. We’d love for you to join us along the way.

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