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Momentum is gathering as the long awaited due-date for the royal baby draws near. With the Duchess ready to give birth any day now, Britain’s media resemble an epidemic of baby fever!

Speculation is rife over the name, sex, birth date and even hair colour of the royal bundle of joy, who is to be the first Prince or Princess of Cambridge. One thing’s for certain, business is booming for bookmakers across the nation.

It’s been estimated by Coral that broody Brits have gambled over £1 million in baby-related bets across the UK so far. It’s also been reported that bookies have seen a 63 per cent rise in female punters keen to get in on the (usually male-dominated) action.

If money talks, then according to the gamblers of Britain, the next heir to the throne is set to be a seven-pound, brunette Princess named Alexandra. Imagine the mini LK Bennetts! has launched a Twitter campaign dubbed #tips4kate. Tweeters are urged to use the hash tag to post their parenting tips for Kate, the best of which will be made into a manual, as a gift for the Princess herself. 72 hours into the campaign, the hash tag has failed to make much of a dent in the Twitter-sphere, with only a handful of tweets posted. The Telegraph has, rather disparagingly, described the tips as “sermons from a nagging horde of frustrated parents”. It’s clear to us at Peppermint that the whole nation seems to be in agreement – Kate will make a fantastic mother, with or without the advice of Mumsnet.

Royalist or not, you can’t escape the buzz – and as they say, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, so, place your bets and get the sweepstakes on the go whilst we await the pitter-patter of some rather prestigious tiny feet!