The inspiration behind the Peppermint Soda brand

The inspiration behind the Peppermint Soda brand

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Our favourite part of redesigning a brand is the opportunity to share what inspires us.

When embarking on our rebrand process for Peppermint, we took inspiration from the period when brands really took off:  the 50s. Taking our cues from the likes of Don Draper, we couldn’t resist bringing 50s advertising slogans bang up to date and having a bit of fun with them.  The tone of voice from that era was perfect for conveying service messages with a cheeky and slightly kitsch tone of voice.  Our aim was to use clever typography, playful captions and lots of imagery to create a design that reflects both our personality and the styling we love.

That’s how Peppermint Soda was brought to life.  And, if the results are appreciated by others…well, that’s the icing on the cake.  So we were very chuffed this morning to read Huddled’s  take on Peppermint Soda.

Huddled feedback

Read the review yourself here

Thanks guys! That’s made our morning.