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The Mariah/Whitney ballad from Prince of Egypt was thrown up by Spotify on Friday morning. The lyrics made me smile: There can be miracles, when you believe.  Here’s why…

Back in 2005, when I was a humble freelancer working out of a toy room at home, I collected the Small Team/Sole Practitioner award at the CIPR’s North West PRide Awards. It was a night I recall well. I remember that I’d underdressed for the occasion. For reasons I’m unable to fathom now, I was in near funeral-like combo of black jumper and (knee-length) skirt. Not a good look when pitted against the full-on glamour of the North West’s PR community.

The other, rather unsettling thing was climbing up to the stage on my own. As gratifying as it was to have won the award, it felt distinctly strange to be a party of one. You see, this was several years before my husband (who was clapping wildly from the audience) joined me at Peppermint. It was, in fact, before anyone joined me. And, as an innately tribal person, that felt sort of, well, lonely.

Fast forward a couple of years to 2007. Now, as an employer of three, I was lucky enough to attend a personal development course held by a client. It was one of those where they make you write down your goals – in great detail and in the present tense – on a little bit of paper to carry around with you.

A few weeks ago, I found those bits of paper while doing a mega clear-out at home. They gave me a good giggle. Among the rather bizarre ambitions which I’ve since discarded (horse-riding had featured quite heavily), one bit of paper stood out. I’d written, back in 2007, that I wanted Peppermint to win the Outstanding Public Relations Consultancy Award at the North West PRide Awards.  Quite honestly, at the time, the chances of that happening were approximately nil. Our teeny tiny agency had a less than stellar client base and a wholly underwhelming turnover. It wasn’t so much ambitious as downright ludicrous to think we could ever wrest such a huge award from the big guns who dominated the NW PR scene.

And yet, last Thursday night – eight and a half years after I’d written out that outlandish goal in garish fuchsia felt tip – I collected the gold award for Outstanding Public Relations Consultancy.


This time (though still in black) I’d upgraded to a jumpsuit. More importantly, I was accompanied not only by my husband, who is now also my business partner, but my employees, who have also become my trusted friends. To all of them, to the rest of our team, to our clients and to all those who’ve supported us along the way – thank you for helping make that dream come true.