Think before you speak… or at least pay someone to think for you!

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It’s hardly surprising that today’s papers are once again filled with various stories and scandals from The X Factor – no matter what’s going on in the world, reality TV continues to dominate a sizeable portion of the national press.

The fallout continues from the show’s latest instalments, with the Daily Mirror now reporting that Simon Cowell is unimpressed with Cheryl Cole’s verbal attack on contestant Wagner Carrilho.

For the non-fans out there, she used her critique of his performance on Saturday night as an opportunity to blast him for comments he’d made to a journalist – comments where he allegedly referred to her as a council estate chav who’d got lucky.

Cheryl’s subsequent outburst was rather ill-advised and did nothing for her image as the nation’s sweetheart. I’m intrigued to know where her press officer was when she was berating Wagner – and why he or she didn’t tell Cheryl to keep her thoughts to herself.

You might expect this airing of dirty laundry in public to come from the relatively naive contestants, but you’d hope that Cheryl would have enough sense – or at the very least, enough advisors – to keep the slanging matches off air!

I can only assume that her goal was to sway public opinion against the Brazilian crooner. However, her plan may well now have backfired: Cheryl, a seasoned professional, ended up looking petty and Wagner, a man whose grasp of even the English language itself seems limited, came across as positively eloquent.

Cheryl is now reportedly sticking to her guns and refusing to apologise. There are also rumours that she’s in trouble with her X Factor bosses. It really does beg the question: was her outburst worth it? I’d say not.