Cheryl may not have the job, but Simon certainly has the press factor

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Ryan Giggs can breathe a sigh of relief this morning. The sacking of a Geordie sweetheart has knocked his infidelities with a Welsh bombshell off most of the tabloids’ front pages – well, apart from the Daily Star.  I have to confess, as Ryan allows himself a small smile, I’m also smiling with him.

I mean really, how big is this news? Daybreak decided to lead on it, as opposed to the Care Quality Commission’s shocking report on how the NHS is failing elderly patients. The Sun dedicated three pages to the news, whilst the Star, Mail and Express all featured double page spreads on what clearly is (to me anyway) a PR stunt masterminded by media mogul Cowell.

Whilst admittedly neither Simon nor Cheryl comes off well in this parting of ways, it’s rather reminiscent of previous Cowell-created dramas stemming from Cowell-created reality shows.

There was the whole Louis Walsh exit/Brian Friedman entrance a few years back (followed by a swift reversal), not to mention the debacle that was Kelly Brook’s ill-fated turn on Britain’s Got Talent. If anyone can sympathise with the nation’s sweetheart right now, it’s her – albeit to a much lesser extent.

The fact that Cheryl’s replacement, Nicole Scherzinger, has been standing so close – not so much waiting in the wings, but stood toe to toe – also plants the seed of doubt. Was this Simon’s plan all along?

Perhaps this has been his way of demonstrating that he is the star of the X Factor and no amount of Elnett will change that! More likely though, this has been Simon’s way of keeping the X Factor’s profile high on both sides of the Atlantic. Cheryl’s ‘sacking’ means she can now make a return to UK screens this autumn, helping to secure the viewing figures that both ITV and Cowell were surely fretting over since changes were announced.

It almost seems that everything is falling into place, just as it should, all under the watchful gaze of the world’s media. And whilst we’re not exactly sure of how it will turn out, one thing we can be certain of is that we’ll all be reading about it.