2019 PR and Marketing Predictions

2019 PR and Marketing Predictions

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We’re taking a look at the trends, industry shifts and patterns we expect to see play out in the world of PR and marketing over the next 12 months.

As ever, the industry continues to evolve, and understanding and moving with it makes our work more effective. From understanding algorithms and influencers, to software updates and industry regulations, the changes impact the way in which we work and achieve objectives for our clients.


The wider uptake of digital tools will allow us as marketers to work more efficiently and demonstrate our value. Using listening tools to identify sentiment and listen to conversations on social media will provide data for trend-led stories, as well as provide additional metrics for campaign evaluation. We’re keeping an eye on artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain – but we think the robots coming for our jobs are a few years off!


Channels, such as LinkedIn, continue to prioritise video on their users’ feeds, giving them greater visibility than other posts. Smart brands and marketers will incorporate video into all of their activity, using the additional content to reach a wider audience. Videos do not need to be complex – just engaging, fast-paced and have subtitles and easy-to-understand messaging.

Influencer marketing

As the influencer landscape continues to develop, marketing professionals and clients will look at partnerships with more scrutiny, ensuring that activity is authentic and a genuine fit for its brand, allowing longer-term partnerships to develop. With increased scepticism around some elements of social media marketing and influencer marketing, we may see the focus shift back to earned media. However, influencer partnerships can be accountable and measurable by using UMT codes and referral voucher codes, to help attribute sales to an individual partnership or campaign.

Media relations

As B2B trade titles continue to diminish, media relationships will be even more significant as editorial coverage becomes increasingly coveted. Organisations continue to value media coverage as the fastest way to communicate with stakeholders and people within industry. 2019 will provide a good opportunity for businesses to give genuine insight into their worlds, and bring clarity to the mixed messaging of Brexit.

Quality content

Smart content marketing by both B2B and consumer brands will provide a plethora of topics to talk about across different communication channels, giving them an opportunity to build an audience and create credibility. It also allows brands to talk about topics of importance to them and their customers who are not necessarily dictated by the media’s obsession with Brexit.

Authoritative content

Articles from medical professionals, or other areas of academia, are a great addition to client websites. Google and other search providers continue to consider these articles of importance following the latest update, which prioritises expertise, authoritativeness and trust in the search rankings.


A constant conversation in marketing and PR, measurement will continue to be a big focus with agencies looking to prove a return on investment on all their activity, with the smartest agencies being able to attribute and prove the impact of their good work, showing traffic and ecommerce benefits.

If you think your business or brand needs help with any of the above areas or just needs a kick start in the New Year, get in touch. We can help and advise on all elements of the marketing mix and we understand how they work together, from public relations, social media, design web development, to PPC, paid-social and email marketing.