Converting to the social networking craze

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Oh good grief, here I am writing about Facebook again.  It’s not just me though – it’s inescapable.  All over the news this morning (and apparently stalking me on my Twitter feed) is the tale of the horrific murder perpetrated by some social networking maniac.  Add that to the ex-wife who only found out she was to become an ex-wife after being publicly dumped on Facebook, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to become a little paranoid.

Following on from Graham’s post a few days ago, what with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin and more besides, it seems it’s not only celebrities without a private life anymore.

However, it’s all our own doing.  I for one am continually twittering or facebooking about what I’m doing that evening, what song I’m currently humming, or what crazy PR activity I’m up to (delivering toasties to radio stations at 5am being a recent one)!

Sure, it has the potential to be a frightening tool in the wrong hands, but that goes for most things in all honesty.  But I for one am really quite excited (call me sad) at how easy it has become for the world to communicate with each other.  Not only that, but just how willing people are to speak to anyone and everyone about absolutely anything.  Wow, I sound like some kind of Facebook preacher…