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Buzzfeed: love it or loathe it, you can’t ignore it. With over 130 million unique users per month and translations into French, Spanish and Portuguese, it’s growing at a rate that massively outstrips more ‘serious’ rival news sites, (such as the BBC).

It’s no surprise: a morning perusal of the day’s news isn’t complete without a quick tweet to a like-minded friend or colleague who’ll find a story of interest. Buzzfeed was built on the fact that people like to share content that appeals to them, be that a serious new story or a collection of pictures of wet cats.

The frivolous, image-led content that Buzzfeed is traditionally associated with is its bread and butter, but as the site’s grown, it’s expanded its editorial team so that it can deliver weightier news – something which given the site’s rate of expansion must leave the ‘big boys’ of traditional media feeling rather uneasy. But what exactly is it about Buzzfeed that makes it such a runaway success?

It seems that short, sharp and shareable is the order of the day – something which traditional outlets haven’t managed to capitalise on as fully as Buzzfeed. Quite clearly, Buzzfeed isn’t the right platform for every news story, but it remains to be seen how – and if – competitors will evolve to reflect its popularity.