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Now that 2017 is well underway and we’re all getting back into the swing of things, it’s time to look ahead at what the year holds when it comes to marketing trends. What channels should we be using this year? How is the world of social media changing? What content can we include in our strategy to appeal to our audience and out-do our competitors? These are all questions sure to be on the minds of astute marketers keen for 2017 to be their best year yet.

So, to help you on your way, here are five trends that we predict will dominate the sector this year and that you’ll need to be aware of.


More multimedia content

During 2016, our appetites became increasingly visual – and that’s only set to continue in 2017. It’s often no longer enough to incorporate images, with video dominating news sites, blogs and social media. Facebook alone sees 500 million people watching videos a day. Live video will also rise in popularity over the next year as new streaming platforms emerge and the existing ones improve their technology, as will immersive video – think 360° tours and shoppable films.

The humble GIF is being used now more than ever and on the other end of the technology spectrum is augmented reality. You only have to look at the Pokémon GO phenomenon of 2016 to see its potential, and with more and more virtual reality sets coming to market, we expect more brands to jump on the bandwagon over the coming months.

You’ll notice most of these are mobile-orientated – mobile, unsurprisingly, will grow even more popular this year.

 Increased advertising on social media

With social channels continuing to alter their algorithms to the detriment of organic content’s reach – which is naturally costing brands traffic – we expect companies to ditch organic posting in favour of paid promotion.

While this obviously requires advertising budget, it can be argued that brands can eschew publishing organic content on social platforms – saving countless hours of drafting engaging and insightful Twitter planners – and can instead use owned content on their website, combined with sponsored posts directing them there, to attract and build their audience.

Email marketing’s comeback

As mentioned above, social platforms are moving towards revenue growth through advertising, which is hindering brands’ ability to communicate with their customers or clients. As such, we expect targeted and relevant email marketing to become a more prevalent customer attraction and retention technique for marketers from all sectors.

Revival of print

Along the same lines as trend no. 3 in terms of reverting back to an ostensibly diminishing medium, if activity towards the end of 2016 is anything to go by, then we can expect to see more print collateral to be launched in 2017.

For example, Airbnb recently teamed up with Hearst to launch a new print magazine called Airbnb Mag, which will be distributed to Airbnb homes and include content for and by both providers and users of the service. And as more marketers try to stand out in what’s becoming a crowded digital landscape, we believe more brands will invest in creating quality print materials that, while being valuable on their own, will complement an online presence.

The changing face of influencers

With it becoming ever trickier to reach people organically as a brand, there’s no doubt that engaging with influencers will remain an effective marketing tool this year; however, there’s likely to be a shift in the type of influencers companies choose to appoint.

Although it depends on the nature of your brand and what product or service you’re trying to offer, the general trend in 2017 will be to move away from working with high-reach yet irrelevant celebrities to spending budget on a greater number of ‘smaller’ influencers who can offer a more authentic recommendation to an engaged audience.


As marketing gets more and more competitive, it becomes increasingly important for brands to keep up with trends, or they risk being left behind. If you want to stay in the know, give us a follow on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn for regular updates throughout the year.

Do you agree with our predictions? Tell us in the comments below! And if you feel you could do with some guidance on your marketing strategy this year, let’s chat.