Filmstar fame courtesy of Youtube

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I read in The Times that Sir Ridley Scott and Kevin MacDonald are to join forces with YouTube in an attempt to create a documentary which captures the everyday life of people all over the world.

YouTube users can submit videos of what their day consists of on Saturday, July 24th, and content will be selected and edited by MacDonald to be made into a film (Life in a Day) that will be premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011.

Although the idea of uploading my bleary-eyed, Saturday morning hangover to YouTube made me snigger and cringe at the same time, it was a quotation featured in the closing paragraph of the article that really caught my attention.

‘Anna Bateson, YouTube’s director of Marketing for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said that Life in a Day is an opportunity to broaden the prevailing view of the website beyond the “videos of dogs on skateboards”.’ I, however, was unaware that this was the prevailing view of YouTube.

 Okay, so the Sneezing Panda, Charlie Bit My Finger, and The Evolution of Dance may not be Oscar winning epics, but with over three hundred and fifty five million views between them, they have clearly made an impact throughout the world.

YouTube is a powerful resource. It can teach you whatever you could wish to learn, from how to achieve the perfect smoky eye, to how to install a toilet, and everything in between. Not only that, it also allows any user to upload content in order to ‘broadcast themselves’ – and isn’t this what Public Relations is all about?

YouTube has the power to offer an individual, or a company, an opportunity to easily reach a worldwide audience for free, and to promote their brand or their message to millions of potential viewers. So, if you’re doing something interesting on Saturday, July 24th, why not ‘broadcast yourself’ to Ridley Scott and the rest of the world? I know what I’ll be uploading. I’m taking my dog skateboarding…