A billion dollar smile, but was it worth it?

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They say a smile is worth a thousand words… but how about a billon bucks? Facebook seems to think so, as its recent acquisition of popular photography app, Instagram, proves there’s ‘cheese’ when it comes to saying ‘cheese’.

News broke yesterday that Facebook is buying the photo sharing service Instagram, for a tidy sum of $1 billion – which equates to around £625 million.

Nothing new here – we all remember Google’s acquisition of YouTube in 2006. However, it might be wise for Mr. Zuckerberg to acknowledge the backlash from the many YouTubers who weren’t too pleased with the Google overhaul. Unfortunately, it seems as if the spark has already ignited with some Instagram users, who’ve already deleted their profiles in protest. So, was it really worth all that dosh?

It’s clear to see that Facebook has added this pictorial string to its bow in a bid to stay at the top of the social media food chain. The acquisition will also place the social network firmly in the mobile market, as it endeavours to shift from its original desktop format. But, as the digital revolt gathers speed, this is looking more and more like quite a substantial gamble.

Will Facebook’s dreaded minefield of terms and conditions take away the freedom and fun of Instagram? I for one surely hope not. In the meantime, let’s pray that the overexposure doesn’t lead to the final frame from the picture network.