A GCSE student’s view of PR

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We were delighted to welcome 15-year-old Anya Draycott to Peppermint PR last week, as she completed a week’s work experience as part of her year 11 studies. We thought we’d go the whole hog and give her a blog spot too! Over to Anya…

Last week, I was fortunate enough to be welcomed by Peppermint PR to undertake a week of work experience.

As a 15-year-old about to take my GCSEs, it was an experience that far exceeded my expectations. After a week spent updating reports, helping to brainstorm campaigns and filing that all important coverage, there were two things that struck me.

Firstly, at a time when one in five 18 to 24-year-olds is unemployed, it’s never too early to gain experience.

Secondly, the world of PR is absolutely fascinating. PR consultants are responsible for everything that goes on ‘backstage’, providing an invaluable link between businesses, the public and the media. Sifting through the papers every morning made me realise that PR has the power to effect real change. Without PR how would many of the stories make the media? Without the media, how would those stories generate national awareness?

After my week at Peppermint PR, there is one statement I can make with absolute certainty: PR is extremely fast-paced! I have so much respect for the whole team. They work intensely, quickly and – having listened to them on the phone – with style.

Above all, they radiate fun and laughter at all times. I’ve felt exceptionally lucky to have worked with such impressive people and feel that I can safely say – work experience is the best possible way to learn!